A Letter From Our CEO

At Code Quick we all come to work everyday to help try and solve one of the biggest problems in the revenue cycle; medical coding. Let’s be honest, most people hate medical coding and can think of 70 million things they would rather be doing, including eating Balut. That is the difference between us and everyone else, we love medical coding! Code Quick was founded with that love and nearly a century of knowledge between us.

The Code Quick beginnings are simple, we noticed how hard it was for our friends in small practices to get expert and affordable help with their medical coding needs. We took the difficulties associated with outsourcing your medical coding and simplified it. First, we built an incredible software tool that makes getting started a breeze, seriously like 5 minutes (instead of 5 weeks like the other guys). Second, we took the stuff we couldn't automate and built it into our backend process, so you don’t have to deal with it on your end. To do this we had to find some of the most loving and fanatical medical coders the industry has ever seen. Good news, we found them and Code Quick has been making healthcare better ever since!

We know we can’t take away all the stress of running a successful practice, but we work as hard as we can to make sure medical coding has a positive impact on your life and the life of your staff.

Dave Blanchard